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A tour through Juanchito's History

( Un recorrido por la Historia de Juanchito )


Juanchito is a small town that belongs to the Calendaria County and part of the Valle del Cauca Department. Juanchito is located on the north side on the Cauca River. It limits with the Cali and Palmira Counties.




The Cauca River, the raft and little John.

Before the beginning of steam navigation, the Cauca River was sailed only by canoes and rafts. They were really archaic means of transportation. Nevertheless they helped to solve cargo and passenger transport problems. Actually, Juanchito owes its name to a rafter named John who used to carry travelers from one side of the river to the other side.

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Steam navigation

During the peak of steam navigation over the Cauca River (1887-1930), Juanchito became the first port on this river, as it was the arrival and departure point of most of the ships.

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The epicenter of music and dancing.

The navigation attracted the trade, which gave an impulse to the migration between regions. To Juanchito came immigrants from different zones. They were mainly from the Pacific Coast and northern Cauca and they brought their ethnic and cultural legacy, conforming by these the joyful and party-loving traditions of the people who live there. "Las Fiestas de la plaza" or the Square Parties, which took place on the old pier, were the sprouting seeds that made of Juanchito the epicenter of music and dancing.

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The Carnivals

The carnivals in Juanchito had their beginning in 1982 and they were celebrated in a consecutive manner for almost 15 years. They were the major event for locals and tourists. The main events: Black beauty pageant and the parade of allegoric cars that runs from Cali to Juanchito. The side events were the performances of national and international groups, contests, fireworks and the selling of craftworks and food among others.

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The actual touristic offer: Discotheques- Music and shows for every taste.

Well known Discos with wide dance floors, music and shows for everyone are the main touristic offers form this joyful town at the moment.

The Future: The pier of Juanchito is a joint initiative that is searching for the recovery of the natural, cultural and social values.

Travel over the Cauca River, walking paths, view points, squares, and traditional foods, workcrafts, games, pools, slides, sport arenas and artistic shows, among others, are the products which the Pier Juanchito plans to offer. It is a joint initiative that not only is supported by different corporations of Valle del Cauca, but also has the backup from the governor of Valle del Cauca and the County mayor.



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